No likes! Instagram tests function that hides number of likes in posts

If you only think about likes and do everything to have more than others , you can start to get that idea out of your head because Instagram is thinking about removing this function from the app. The novelty began to be tested in Brazil on Wednesday (17) and now all likes and number of video views can only be seen by the account owner.

The folks at Instagram Brasil said that the goal is basically to reduce the competitiveness by likes: “We started this test because we want followers to focus more on the photos and videos that are shared, than on the amount of likes they receive. We don’t want to that people feel they are in a competition within Instagram and our expectation is to understand whether such a change could help people focus less on likes and more on telling their stories “.



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They also explained that the new function was based on the growing concern that the count of likes is negatively linked to the users’ mental health. The novelty has been tested in Canada before and it seems to be working very well: “We are very excited about the initial results, but we still need to study further about how it affects the user experience on the platform”.


Speaking of apps, FaceApp became a hit after people discovered a filter that makes them look old. Several celebrities also loved the novelty and the timeline was full of super cute grandmas and grandmas. You can find the App in online stores, both on Android and iOS devices .

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