Netflix releases trailer for “Imperfect Dancer”, new film with Sabrina Carpenter and Jordan Fisher

On Thursday (16), Netflix released the official trailer for “Imperfect Dancer”, the platform’s new bet with Sabrina Carpenter, Jordan Fisher and Liza Koshy. In order to get a place at the university, a young student needs to learn to dance and run very well in a dance championship. The film reaches the catalog on August 7. Until then, watch the trailer and get to know all the details!

If you liked “Feel the Beat” with Sofia Carson , you will like to know that another dance movie is about to debut in the Netflix catalog . Starring Sabrina Carpenter , ” Imperfect Dancer ” arrives on August 7 on the platform. But by then you can already stay on top of what’s to come through the trailer released by the owner Netflix this Thursday (16)!

The youtuber Liza Koshy and actor Jordan Fisher , of “To All The Boys: PS Still Love You” , join the Sabrina dancing in this comedy. Check out!

About the story

Quinn Ackerman (Sabrina Carpenter) is a young student willing to do what it takes to do very well in a dance competition and win her longed-for place at the university. But first of all, she must first learn to dance.

And that’s where Jordan Fisher’s character comes into play. It is he who will help Quinn and his team of amateur dancers to do well in this. Directed by Laura Terruso, “Imperfecta Dancer” features Leslie Morgenstein and Alicia Keys in the production.

Did you know that Sabrina Carpenter and Joey King are close friends?

Sabrina Carpenter and Joey King are definitely our goal of friendship. The two are always together, sharing funny moments and achievements. In an interview with WIRED, the star of “A Barraca do Beijo” told how this friendship started. “We are best friends. I met Sabrina Carpenter a long, long, long time ago at a charity event,” he revealed. “Sabrina came up to me and was like, ‘Hi, I’m Sabrina’. The funniest of ours friendship is that from the beginning, it’s like we’re super close to each other (…) We went out once a year and it was the funniest thing in the world that we asked ‘why did it take us so long to become so close how much are we now? ‘”,.

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