“Cursed”: 10 reasons that will make you want to marathon Katherine Langford’s series

Sexted with news on Netflix ! As promised between the premieres of July , the first season of ” Cursed – The Legend of the Lake ” entered the catalog of the platform this Friday (17). The Purebreak not only ever watched the first few episodes and made sure to prepare a list of all the reasons for you to include production at its marathon. Check out!

1. Katherine Langford is WONDERFUL like Nimue

Get ready to see the actress from “13 Reasons Why” in a way you’ve never seen! Katherine incorporates a true heroine and gives a show in the action scenes.


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2. Shows another side of the version of the legend of King Arthur

The Netflix series is a retelling of the legend of King Arthur told from the point of view of Nimue , a young woman with mysterious gifts destined to become the Lady of the Lake and responsible for handing the Excalibur sword to Arthur in the popularly known myth. In this adaptation, you learn more about the character’s past, her motivations and see her becoming a real heroine – even without meaning to.

3. The genre is fantasy, but it still addresses important discussions

Just exploring female protagonism is already something very important. Thus, the plot also portrays the oppression of women of the time in striking or even subtle dialogues.

4. Lovers of a good deed / fight will like it

Best of all, most of these scenes are starring Langford, showing all his skill with swords!

5. Arthur is played by a black actor

Representativeness is an extremely important point, right ?! About this, actor Devon Terrell , who gives life to Arthur, told Netflix: “In the end, we are all actors playing fiction. If you believe in a magic sword, why can’t you believe me as Arthur?”


6. The series was inspired by the book by Thomas Weeler and Frank Miller

The series was based on the work of Tom Wheeler with illustrations by Frank Miller , originally released as a novel by Simon & Schuster in October 2019. In an interview with Netflix, Wheeler, who also acts as the showrunner for the series, told what was his greater motivation to explore the female character of the legend of King Arthur. “Telling this story through the eyes of a young woman has opened up a world of possibilities for both of us. My daughter is 12 years old, and it is very cool to think that we can attract a new generation to this mythology, as it happened to us as children.”

7. The first two episodes were directed by the same director as Jessica Jones

Zetna Fuentes , known for her work on ” Jessica Jones “, was in charge of the first episodes of “Cursed”. No wonder, you are faced with intense action and fighting scenes since the pilot episode. Nothing easy around there!

8. You don’t want to skip the gap

For those who like an elaborate opening, you will like to know that “Cursed” doesn’t skimp on the details, see ?! The illustration contained in the opening is incredible and subtly tells you the story of the Lady of the Lake.



9. There is a character that can remind you of “Harry Potter”

In addition to Nimue and Arthur, you will meet Pym , played by Lily Newmark . The character is Nimue’s best friend and accompanies her on her sudden adventures. According to the actress, Pym resembles Ron Weasley , from the ” Harry Potter ” franchise . And it’s not just because she’s a redhead! “She is not as ambitious or powerful as Ron, but she is brave and loyal. She has other qualities as well. For example, she is dispatched and knows how to deal with situations, even if she doesn’t know what she is doing right away. Pym turns all her anxiety into something useful “, he said in an interview.

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10. The whole cast is amazing

In addition to Katherine, Devon and Lily, names like Gustaf Skarsgård , Daniel Sharman , Sebastian Armesto , Matt Stokoe , Shalom Brune-Franklin , Emily Coates and Billy Jenkins are also in the cast. And as much as some are villains in the story or appear little, it is impossible not to be interested in their characters!

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