Apple and Google have teamed up to launch 230 new, more inclusive emojis!

The news in the virtual world does not stop coming! After Instagram started hiding the likes in the photos , Google and Apple announced that 230 new emojis will be launched over the year. Soon, you’ll be able to use sloth figurines, flamingos and even a “yawning” emoji. Too much, right?

However, the big surprise of the companies is that they included a diversity package . While emojis are increasingly integrating the language of the internet, there was a real lack on the part of users. They are emojis of guide dogs, wheelchair users, prosthetic limbs and people with hearing and visual impairments, in addition to more possibilities for couples’ stickers. Very incredible, right?

Another emoji that is sure to please the internet a lot, especially if you are addicted to social networks , is the hand emoji indicating something very small. We can’t wait to make a lot of jokes with him. Typical foods, such as falafel and chimarrão, will also make the list. Finally, gauchos will have their drink represented on smartphone keyboards around the world. How about using hearts with new colors? White and brown type. We love these news <3.

This was only possible due to the partnership between the two technology companies, via Unicode , the body responsible for the standardization of emojis. The figures are expected to reach cell phones by the end of this year. The Google and Apple razed, right?


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